Harjeev Kandhari

Harjeev Kandhari is an entrepreneur, businessman, tyre expert, and luxury travel enthusiast. An ardent believer in giving back to disadvantaged communities, he combines years of business experience and a deep commitment to philanthropy to fuel charitable initiatives both in India, Africa and Europe.

Mr. Kandhari is the Founder and CEO of Zenises, the premier global tyre company that focuses on the fusion of technical advances, aesthetical beauty, and the balance of precision, safety, customer service, and style.

Mr. Kandhari currently lives between London and Dubai with his wife Manika and his son Siraj.


Harjeev Kandhari earned a diploma from the London School of Economics and a BA Honors and MA from the University of Oxford, all by the age of 21. He later went on to garner an MBA from INSEAD in France.

After Oxford, Mr. Kandhari entered the world of investment banking at Merrill Lynch, where he did corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunications and technology sector in the London office. He then went on to help manage the UAE Corporate Finance and Advisory practice of the firm based out of London.  After garnering extensive experience in the finance, telecom, and tech sectors, Mr. Kandhari was one of the first people to join in the founding of technology private equity firm New Media Spark in the UK, where he was instrumental in setting up one of the first platforms to do IPOs online – EO.com.

While in the UK, Mr. Kandhari was called to return to Dubai to revive his family’s business from near bankruptcy. He focused on recapitalizing the company through building relationships with 14 banks.  He then changed the business model to focus on contract manufacturing from China for his own private brand as opposed to only localized and regional distribution of other’s brands.  This private brand allowed him to expand the business into the global market – with a focus on Europe – as he got “tired of being local”.  Finally continuing with a vision to globalize the business he built one of the world’s most technologically advanced industrial battery plants and helped transform the company from a local tyre distributor to a formidable worldwide player. He then finally sold his interest in the business to allow him to pursue his more entrepreneurial spirit.

Zenises Group Logo
Being the entrepreneur that he is, Mr. Kandhari then went forth to carve a new path in business by founding Zenises, a multinational customer-focused, service-oriented company headquartered in the UK.  In his first six months he opened offices in Germany, Italy, Spain UAE, China, and South Africa. Currently the business operates in twenty countries.

Zenises’ premier Z Tyre is a revolutionary new standard for tyre excellence. It is a union between the traditional center of bespoke elegance of London and the vigor and enterprise of Dubai – to create a new standard for tyre excellence. Z uses the decades of experience of its team to provide the market with a tested premium tyre product at an affordable price.

Mr Kandhari has also been recently appointed to be the non-executive chairman on Walpole Capital. Walpole is a venture capital firm that specializes in investing in disruptive technologies with a special focus on the tyre sector.

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