With the objective of social responsibility at its core, Zenises weaves philanthropy deeply into its foundational framework. The company donates 10% of all profits to its own charity, The Zenises Foundation, to support, feed, educate, and mentor underprivileged families and impoverished children.

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Under the umbrella of The Zenises Foundation, Zenises creates a new charitable initiative for every tyre it works with:

Z Aspire aims to unlock the hidden talents and potential of underprivileged children and young people. The Z Aspire initiative presents them with the means to successfully complete their education, foster creativity, and build confidence.

OuTreach supports causes in local and international communities where Zenises maintains a presence through ‘Next Gen Mentoring’ whereby college undergraduate students are mentored and given opportunities to work at Zenises Groups in Dubai and South Africa. This invaluable experience introduces these students to the hands-on world of business and culture.

As poverty continues to be a great issue even in India’s continued economic growth, the Zenises Foundation helps provide sustenance for those in need, thus presenting the problem to the forefront in an attempt to tackle the complex issue of widespread hunger. Westlake Wishes, an ambitious annual programme that aims to present a respite to those who live in constant hunger, provides nourishing meals in stadium-sized forums.  Westlake Wishes serves a four course meal to a 125,000 people in one day.

With its devotion to create quality, and provide value to its customers, Zenises and The Zenises Foundation’s mission is greatly influenced by its need to enrich impoverished and needy communities worldwide.


Zenises  supports mutual well-being as well as the wider community.

Zenises Foundation Supports ‘Kirtan for Causes’

The Zenises Foundation Supports ‘Pot Drop 2015’ in South Africa

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Feeding 125,000 in a single day with Westlake Wishes

Can you imagine how many people that is? More than can fill a stadium like Wembley or the Camp Nou in Barcelona. Well that is the annual goal set by the Zenises Foundation and its Westlake Wishes initiative. A small step to alleviate hunger and to provide a wholesome meals for those who must live day to day without regular meals.

In the holy city of Amritsar, chefs prepare a four course meal – a demanding logistical operation – to ensure that everyone is properly fed in the limited time available.

Poverty remains a real problem despite India’s continued economic growth and it’s important that the Zenises Foundation helps lead the way in not only providing sustenance for those in need but also in bringing such issues to the attention of a wider audience who may want to join us in tackling widespread hunger.